Who started YouRock?

Ian Clifford launched YouRock in 2014, to help young people discover their work skills and find jobs. Before launching YouRock, Ian co-founded the not-for-profit organisation Telecentre Europe. He has spent the last 20 years working with technology businesses in Europe to help people and companies become more digitally focussed. Ian is from the UK and likes colourful shirts. Find out more about Ian by visiting his YouRock profile.    

How does YouRock survive?

YouRock currently relies on funding from generous corporations and donors, who also want to help people discover their skills and find jobs. So far, YouRock had received money through the Crowdfunder website and from the international cable company, Liberty Global. 

Will YouRock cost me money?

No, YouRock is free to use for private users!

Who uses YouRock?

Lots of people from right across Europe use YouRock. YouRock helps them figure out and discover their work skills, and provides a platform where they can showcase their skills and portfolio. Find out more here.

Who has YouRock helped?

Good question. Lots of people, we hope! Watch these videos of people talking about YouRock and how the website has helped them.

Who might look at my profile?

Lots of employers, hopefully. It’s still early days for YouRock, but we hope that as more people join the site and set up profiles, employers will begin looking at the website as a way of finding suitable candidates for jobs. But it’s not just about employers, other members (YouRockers) will look at your profile too. We’ve built the website so that YouRockers can follow people who look interesting to them and make contact. We hope this will encourage members to swap ideas and get creating!

Can anyone view my profile?

Yes, anyone can view your profile! We built YouRock to help people discover their work skills and show them to employers and potential employers. If you want to show somebody who is not a member – and we hope you will – you need to send them your profile URL link. So once you’ve got your profile looking really good, you can send a link to the person you want to impress.  

Can I be on YouRock if I have a job?

Yes, you can. YouRock is about helping people discover their skills and make useful connections. You need to do that when you’re employed and unemployed.

Will I find a job on YouRock?

Not yet! YouRock will also have a platform for jobs – but you won’t find job opportunities on the website just yet. But being on YouRock now will help find a job elsewhere. How? Here are three ways your YouRock profile will help you:

  1. You’ll discover your work skills. As you fill out your profile, so what you like to do in your spare time and what your work experience is, YouRock will tell you which technical, organisational, analytical, creative, leadership and communicative skills you have.
  2. You can showcase your skills to potential employers. Once you’ve built your profile and have discovered your work skills, you can show them to employers, teachers, friends, family members – and anybody else you might want to impress. Do this by sending the person your profile’s URL link.    
  3. You will make connections. YouRock is a type of network. This means you can follow and message other users – or YouRockers as we like to call them. It may be that a fellow YouRocker has a great business idea you’d like to get involved with, there’s only one way to find out...

Should I tell my friends about YouRock?

Of course you should. The more people join YouRock, the more powerful it will become. You can also follow your friends on YouRock and keep up with their careers and career progress.

How many people can I follow on YouRock?

As many as you like.

What if I want to block someone who is annoying me?

As with any network, if you receive messages you don’t wish to receive, just let the administrator know. You can do that by contacting us on [email protected].

Can I use YouRock on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can. The website is optimised for mobiles and tablets.