About us

YouRock is a free, multi-language, employability networking tool.

YouRock was founded in 2013 to support the employability of young people. YouRock was developed in response to two emerging issues in relation to youth unemployment and the economic crisis in the EU. Learn more in Press and Background Information.

It was created specifically to show that young people have a range of work skills often hidden in the things they do every day and to give them the language of employers to describe those skills. We have designed YouRock to create rich, dynamic profiles that will give employers a meaningful insight into the skills that its users have.

It helps users to:

  • Identify their professional work skills;
  • Build a dynamic profile showing their primary skill groups;
  • Create a portfolio of online content showing their skills.

It helps employers to:

  • Identify proactive new employees with specific skills;
  • See international candidates in any of the system languages.

Learn more about User Profile and Employer Search.

A crowd-funded hackathon with young people in Lithuania created the visual concept. The development of the concept was then sponsored by Liberty Global to allow its development for a launch in March 2014.